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Hilos metalizados

MADEIRA metallic threads meet the highest demands in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and of course, quality.

He/she who only offers a few colors and thicknesses of threads, has not understood the needs in terms of embroidery. An embroidery with metallic thread is demanding, luxurious and valuable. Therefore a much larger selection of materials and thicknesses is needed.

The smallest weak points, which are tolerated even with rayon and polyester threads, must be taken into account with metallic threads from the moment of thread selection. ​


That is why MADEIRA offers, being the only one in the world, five different thread thicknesses and seven different qualities. Whether thick or thin, gold or silver in different shades, full tones or multi-coloured: at MADEIRA you will find it all.


A range of high quality metallic wires in four different thicknesses, designed for many applications. From FS 40, in the standard thickness, and FS 50, a thin thread to highlight details, to the resistant ...



A remarkably easy to machine metallic wire, saving you time and money previously spent on complex setups and accessories. CR offers great creative freedom, is certified...


A versatile effect yarn with a beautiful shine, refined appearance and an extensive color palette. Suitable for embroidering and sewing on all types of fabrics.

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