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The example followed

In decades of cooperation with a prestigious company such as Madeira, we have tried to imitate the good and apply methods and techniques that go beyond just compliance with environmental standards. We are proud to mention that in many aspects we follow stricter standards than those required by highly regarded global brands.

Applying resource management, saving energy and water is often unprofitable for a small or medium-sized company like ours, since the investment made to save resources, reuse or recycle could only be recovered in a very long term.


For us this is a matter of principles and we seek to be an example in our sector. We have spared no effort to follow that line in accordance with our code of conduct.


The MADEIRA model

MADEIRA - Resource Management


Through the media, we are all aware of our responsibility to the environment and to the legacy of our actions, or lack thereof. MADEIRA's beautiful and exclusive yarns combine quality, style and color while meeting all environmental and ethical needs. With almost a century of experience in producing the highest quality, modern and varied embroidery threads, we can proudly say that MADEIRA threads are the choice of leading brands around the world. Applied to items as wide and varied as shoes or hats, toys or towels and used in a wide variety of industries, from fashion and sportswear to the automotive industry, it is essential to select the best raw materials for our yarns from the beginning.

REACH and MADEIRA EnviroSystem

REACH = Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Products. Even before the REACH regulation, MADEIRA adopted the philosophy of using only substances that are neither harmful nor dangerous to people or our valuable ecosystem. For the finishing of the MADEIRA yarns, the softeners APO/APE (Alkyl Phenol Oethoxylates / Ethoxylates) that are found in some yarns are not used. This means that, following the recommendations of the suppliers, MADEIRA dyes are not toxic to workers, the environment or the end user; that is, neither before, nor during nor after production. Created from sensitive production processes in the heart of the environmentally conscious Black Forest region, MADEIRA's EnviroSystem shows an unrivaled and long-term commitment to the global impact of environmental issues.


One of the world's most recognized textile standards for organic or sustainable products is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).


Upon application to the SOIL Association or any other approved GOTS certification body, licensees are authorized to use CLASSIC viscose and POLYNEON polyester from Madeira for embroidery and decorative stitching in accordance with GOTS V4 guidelines for non-organic accessories. The SOIL Association Charity is a founding member and 25% shareholder of GOTS. This means another important step towards eco-label accreditation for textile manufacturers and extra assurance for the eco-conscious and environmental philosophy of today's responsible customers.

MADEIRA EnviroSystem

  • Made in the European "green" city of Freiburg (Germany).

  • Production processes ISO 9001-2008.

  • Raw materials only from reputable sources.

  • Biodegradable classic viscose rayon from sustainable sources.

  • Dyes and chemicals only from REACH registered suppliers.

  • Acquazero patented processes to reduce water use during dyeing by 60%.

  • Use of recycled water for production.

  • Recycling and energy saving.

  • Reduction of carbon emissions.

  • Continued investment in technology to reduce the use of natural resources.

  • Clean outlet water, in strict compliance with the regulations of the city Freiburg (Germany).

  • Strict codes of conduct towards employees.

  • Strong ethical policies OEKO-Tex world certificate for products.

  • Maximum quality in the fastness and persistence of the colors, which allows obtaining long-lasting embroideries.

  • Reduction of embroidery time thanks to the smooth movement of the threads, which saves energy during production.

  • Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE) are not used in finishing, so the threads do not contain any substance that could contaminate watercourses when washing finished embroideries.

  • Recognized standards even higher than those required by global brands such as NIKE, PUMA, New Balance, Marks & Spencer, etc.



What does the word "fake" tell you? Throughout the world, there are large numbers of counterfeits, as well as a multi-million if not billion-dollar industry of counterfeit brand-name textiles. In the UK, for example, more than £50 MILLION worth of fake football shirts have already been sold.

"Unofficial - meaning fake - jerseys can contain many hidden risks for the buyer and wearer and can spell a death sentence for the manufacturer," according to an article by Corporate Clothing director-e's John Gibbon. Following an interview with Asif Shah of Shirley Technologies, one of the UK's leading textile testing labs, John Gibbon reported that authentic T-shirts are tested for their pH value to determine how irritating the material they are with is. made and it is also verified if it contains allergenic or even carcinogenic dyes.

Sweatshop workers are often exposed to a deadly chemical cocktail, day after day, as only low-quality and dangerous substances and processes are used in these factories. An illegal or low-priced T-shirt, therefore, not only represents an economic loss for the legal license holder, but also endangers the health and even the lives of people.

For this reason, MADEIRA offers guarantees that EACH AND EVERY ONE of its products has always been and always will be absolutely safe for use in any article, from the factory to the finished product, even for baby clothes. And that is also why you should choose MADEIRA, which has the highest level OEKO-TEX Class I certificate, among others, and thus plays a fundamental role in the conscious management of resources.

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