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       Polyester yarns for multiple uses     

hilos para usos multiples

We have a wide variety of festering and twisting machinery and a yarn dyeing shop specialized in polyester fiber for medium and small batches. We use the best chemical inputs and dyes, free of prohibited or restricted substances in a process that seeks to care for the environment and at the same time optimize the use of resources such as water and energy.

We have continuous, smooth, textured, staple fiber, shiny, matte, semi-matt and different counts of polyester yarns available, including microfiber yarns.

Tipping and other polyester threads

Due to the special selection of dyes that we use and a more complete and sophisticated dyeing process, our yarns are ideal for processes where good color fastness is essential so that they do not contaminate other areas of the fabric in contrast and in certain delicate processes. that require a lot of care. ​


With the different types of thread that we have, we can twist them until we obtain the thread with the thickness and aspect that it requires and dye it in the color that it needs. ​


From yarns for knitting striped on circular knitting machines, yarns for stripes on collars or flat fabrics, even for shirts, through fancy yarns for effects, to strings and cords for hangtags, the range of products and services we offer along with specialized advice and the knowledge and experience acquired, allows us to almost always find an alternative solution to the needs of our clients.

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