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About us

A passion for providing the best quality in textiles

Retor S.A. 

We are a company with long experience in the manufacturing of twisted threads tailored to each clients needs. The company was founded in 1957 by the Swiss textile technician Paul Pfiffner and is run today by his direct descendants who have specialized studies in the field made in Switzerland at the Schweizerische Textilfachschule in Wattwil (SG). ​


In the 90's the company implemented modern equipment for dyeing synthetic threads, in relatively small batches, with high reproducibility. For this reason, it also stands out as a provider of colored threads and polyester dyeing services for customers with high demands in matching shades, color fastness, small and medium production volumes and speed of response.


​We have the capacity to twist any natural, synthetic or artificial fiber yarn. Our services includes the twisting of threads, the development of colors and dyeing according to the needs of each client. ​


In 1994 we became exclusive distributors of Madeira Garnfabrik from Germany, the most important producer of embroidery threads, whose name is recognized worldwide as a guarantee of quality and constant innovation.


Since our beginnings we have become accustomed to constantly taking on new challenges. The structure of our organization allows us to have a very fast response capacity and personalized attention to our clients.


Our commitment is not only to offer high quality yarns with excellent color fastness, but also to do so while caring for and respecting the environment.


We have a philosophy of not using chemicals that can be harmful to health ot to the environment. Throughout the production process we use water and energy rationally and we use raw materials only from reputable sources.

Hilos Madeira

Our mission

to build a better world

Our commitment lies not only in offering high-quality yarns with excellent color fastness, but also in doing so while caring for and respecting the environment. For this we apply the following principles: ​


  • We purchase raw material only from reputable sources.

  • We use dyes and chemical products only from OEKO-TEX certified suppliers, ensuring that they are not harmful to health or the environment.

  • Throughout the production process we use water and energy rationally.

  • We use recycled water for production and we ensure that our effluents and emissions comply with government regulations.

  • The waste generated during the production process is minimized to the maximum, reused and recycled, thus contributing to the reduction of solid waste.

  • Noise emissions have been reduced to a minimum, implementing measures to counteract it. ​


We implement the same production process and use the same raw materials to manufacture our threads as Madeira Garnfabrik; an internationally accredited company, attached to REACH (System for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Products oriented to the protection of human health and the environment of the European community) and located in Freiburg, the green city in the heart of the region of the German black forest, where there is a great environmental awareness.

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