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A corporate culture focused on quality

Providing the best quality in textile products and services since 1957

Exclusive representatives of Madeira in Peru

Since 1994 we have been exclusive distributors of Madeira Garnfabrik from Germany, the most important producer of embroidery threads, whose name is recognized worldwide as a guarantee of quality and constant innovation.

We provide twisting, dyeing and much more services!!


We have modern machinery and an experienced team focused on providing the best quality in all our processes.


We stand out in polyester dyeing services with high standards in color matching, color fastness, production volumes and response speed.

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We have the best quality threads to meet your needs

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Accesorios para bordados
Hilos de coser
Hilos para etiquetas
Hilos para múltiples propósitos
Hilos especiales
Hilos para bobina
Hilos para remalle

Retor S.A.

Hilos técnicos
Hilos para trabajo manual

Contact us

Jr. Salaverry 1137, Surquillo. (15047)

Lima, Perú.

+51 (01) 715-5448

+51 (01) 243-6606

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