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          Embroidery scissors          

Tijeras para bordar

MADEIRA offers embroidery scissors in different shapes. They all have great cutting precision, up to the end of their tips. The best materials meet the highest demands and guarantee a long life of the cutting tool. Separate connecting stitches, remove long jump stitches, which remain in the motif when changing color.

The scissors, which serve well on the embroidery machine, often have to meet various very particular needs.

MADEIRA has decided to incorporate a series of embroidery scissors, for various uses, comfortable and easy to handle.

Tijeras curvadas chapadas en oro

Gold Plated Curved Scissors

The curved scissors allow a precise and safe cut that protects the fabric. Ideal for cutting joining stitches. Length: 10.5cm

Tijeras cigüeña chapadas en oro

Gold Plated Stork Scissors

Scissors that combine comfort of use with a beautiful design. Length: 9.5cm

Tijeras de aplique en acero cromado

Appliqué scissors in chromed steel

Precision scissors for use with appliqué embroidery, trimming, and quilting. Its special shape prevents damage to the fabric and appliqués. Length: 15cm

Tijeras rectas chapadas en oro

Gold Plated Straight Scissors

A classic for all types of cuts on the embroidery machine. Length: 10.5cm

Tijeras curvas de precisión en acero cromado

Curved precision scissors in chromed steel

The special shape of the neck allows all kinds of cuts to be made on the frame. Curved tip prevents damage to fabric and embroidery. Length: 14cm

Snipper en acero cromado endurecido

Snipper in hardened chromed steel

For fast and clean cuts. Automatic return spring to the initial position and hardened steel cutting edge. Length: 10.5cm

Tijeras de doble curvatura chapadas en oro

Gold Plated Double Curved Scissors

They allow you to reach places that are difficult to access, for example on the presser foot. The curved shape prevents fingers from rubbing against the fabric. Length: 9cm

Tijeras cortahilos en acero cromado

Thread-cutting scissors in chromed steel

Essential for all textile work that requires high precision. Automatic spring return to the initial position, ergonomic shape. Length: 11cm

Tijeras especiales (E-ZEE Fire Fighter)

Special Scissors (E-ZEE Fire Fighter)

For a precise, fluid and safe cut. Conventional scissors do not cut interlining very well and become dull quickly. Length: 24cm

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