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Hilos de referencia

Creative combination

The integration of the reference threads in Tricot and Crochet is a technique of old tradition, which was originally thought to give more shape and stability to the cotton threads.

Despite modern forms of material stabilization, reference yarns have never lost their relevance and are today used as decorative effect yarns. MADEIRA's reference yarns are ripped yarns, which can be combined with all the yarns for Knitting and Crochet, with great effect. Efficient color reflections embellish fabrics with a mesh look and enhance even the simplest patterns impressively.


Very fine metallic auxiliary thread. It is woven together with the main yarn by hand or machine and gives each yarn quality an attractive glitter effect.

1000m (reel)

Art. No. 9820

55% Metallic polyester

45% Polyamide

18 colors 

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Iridescent pastel colors put a shimmering accent on matte knit surfaces. As Metallic No. 120, this fine reference yarn blends easily into hand and machine knits. The shimmering opal shimmer of the color play achieves a sophisticated and varied mesh look even on single samples and visually enhances the product.

500m (bobbin)

Art. No. 9850

80% Metallic polyester

20% Polyamide

6 colors

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Elastic reference thread for reinforcing sleeves, collars and cuffs. Enhances the durability of the shape of all knitwear and prevents their unwanted deformation. Elastic is transparent and invisible on knitwear. The easy-care material is machine washable; therefore the elasticity remains even after being washed many times. It is ideal for knitwear in fashion clothing that will be worn frequently and for which more stability is desired, such as modern wristbands, cuffs, and headbands.

200m (bobbin) 

Art. No. 9800

100% Elastane

1 color

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