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     Polyester threads    

Hilos de poliéster

POLIFIL and POLYNEON are manufactured in Perú by RETOR SA with inputs and techniques specially developed by MADEIRA - Germany, to be used exclusively as high performance and quality industrial embroidery threads. We do not use a common textile polyester filament. It has unique physical characteristics, special for embroidery. The results are better performance (fastest speed possible without glitches) and wonderful shine with less synthetic appearance than other threads. It is the closest to that of classic embroidery floss.

These threads have a state-of-the-art lubrication that reduces friction in the needle and allows greater speed and better tension control. They also have unsurpassed color fastness thanks to a special selection of the most resistant dyes that also do not contain harmful substances.

With POLIFIL and POLYNEON you will have invested a little more in the best quality yarns but you will be rewarded with higher profitability, by obtaining better productivity and a better finish. Your customers will be delighted with the quality of the embroidery and the resistance of its colors to washing because they will maintain their intensity and shine for longer.


At the highest level and “made in Germany” by MADEIRA: that is POLYNEON quality.

POLYNEON is manufactured using a stretching method specially developed by MADEIRA. That is a guarantee that it works optimally on any embroidery machine without the typical loops forming.


Polifil is the registered trademark of Retor S.A. which together with Madeira's Polyneon offer a wide range of 633 colors. Polifil shades obey particular trends in our region and enrich the already wide range of Polyneon colors.

Polyneon Green

Embroidery thread made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles. Polyneon Green is a high quality embroidery thread created in response to the global need to reduce the volume of plastic bottles.

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