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A special effect yarn

It makes embroidered motifs glow in the dark, as LUNA stores the light and radiates it again in the dark. The light strength of the thread depends on the intensity of the influence of light.

Thanks to a new development, LUNA has a significantly stronger and more durable constant light intensity compared to other phosphorescent threads.

For a special enhancement of individual elements of an embroidery, whether for outdoor use, children's clothing or Halloween and carnival costumes. Suitable for any embroidered motif.

LUNA is now suitable for washing denim!


Make your embroideries shine with this fluorescent effect thread that stores light to emit it in the dark with a greenish glow. Denim-safe, tumble-dry-safe and resistant to chlorine bleach. In addition, this 40 gauge yarn is very pleasant on the skin.

10 x 750m (MSC)

Art. No. 996

dtex 150 x 2   den 135 x 2

60% polyterephthalate butylene (PBT)

40% polypropylene (PP)

1 Color

(¡off-white, glows green in the dark!)

Recommended needle:


75/#11 - 80/#12

instrucciones de lavado
IOS 9001
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