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         FROSTED MATT    

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Really matte!

FROSTED MATT No.40 - The world's first truly matte and lightfast (except fluorescent colors) embroidery thread offers a whole new dimension to color perception; and sets new standards for light fastness.

The one-of-a-kind ceramic core of this embroidery thread makes it possible to experience the intensity of natural matte colors like no other embroidery thread could. Due to the best dyeing methods, FROSTED MATT has unmatched lightfastness. The beauty of the colors lasts and does not disappear as easily as in conventional threads.

Frosted Matt


Frosted Matt yarns are made using special dyeing techniques that guarantee very intense colors that are lightfast and bleach resistant. An optimal solution for multiple sectors, from merchandising to fashion, including sportswear, logos and functional clothing. 

10 x 2500m (Cone)

Art. No. 940

dtex 90 x 2   

96% Polyester

4% Ceramics

201 colors

Recommended needle:


65/#9 - 75/#11

Instrucciones de lavado
ISO 9001
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