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          FIRE FIGHTER          

Fire Fighter

Flame resistance for uniforms, work clothes and protective clothing

FIRE FIGHTER is an essential flame retardant embroidery thread for powersports, workwear, and protective apparel. Also in plane seat edgings and anywhere where security is needed, FIRE FIGHTER comes into action. It runs perfectly on the machine, complying with ISO-6941/ISO-15025 standards.

Embroidery thread made of 100% aramid, you can get it in 24 intense colors; therefore, in promotional embroidery (for example, on motorsports apparel) there are no limitations.

For embroidering with FIRE FIGHTER don't forget to also use MADEIRA's fire retardant bobbin thread: FIRE FIGHTER bobbin thread.


Fire Fighter yarns are made entirely of DuPontTM Nomex aramid fibers and are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. These wires are fire resistant, prevent the emission of sparks and self-extinguish when the heat source is removed.

FIRE FIGHTER: 10 x 25g

Art. No. 922

dtex 130 x 2

100% Aramid

24 Unicolors

FIRE FIGHTER Bobbin Thread: 10 x 5000m

Art. No. 923

dtex 130 x 2

100% Aramid


FIRE FIGHTER: 10 x 2500m

Art. No. 929

dtex 130 x 2

100% Aramid

9 Unicolors

Recommended needle:


75/#11- 80/#12

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ISO 9001
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