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        Hand embroidery threads       

Hilos para bordar a mano

Joy in manual labor

Hand embroidery has an ancient tradition and is one of the richest facets of the manual arts. From traditional techniques such as cross stitch, hardanger or openwork fabric, to contemporary free embroidery techniques, flat or fine embroidery: hand embroidery is a craft challenge with the greatest possible taste.

MADEIRA's hand embroidery threads in their incomparable variety bring expression and individuality to handwork. Home decorations and clothing are given a personal touch of lasting value with handmade embroidery.

Whether to work with pure cotton, genuine silk, shiny viscose or metallic threads is a matter of personal taste and aesthetic sense.

The valuable thread for hand embroidery in MADEIRA is coiled in a protective packaging. This efficient spiral packaging prevents the thread from tangling and knotting, as is often the case with traditional skeins. Only the thread that is necessary for embroidering is removed. The rest of the thread remains protected in the packaging and can be used down to the last centimeter cleanly.


Classic 6-ply embroidery thread. Made from high quality Giza Egyptian cotton. Silky, shiny and flexible thanks to the special mercerizing. Easy to divide and excellent to process. Perfectly suitable for all embroidery techniques, eg traditional cross stitch, satin stitch. ​


Tip: combine Mouliné with the brilliant Decora yarn for amazing effects. The practical spiral package protects your valuable wool. Work the yarn by taking it out of the package from below, the rest is protected in the spiral wrap. Nothing tangled, nothing dirty.

10m (spiral package)

Art. No. 017

100% mercerized cotton

379 colors 

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Give your embroideries a valuable touch with Silk, the exclusive embroidery thread made from 100% Schappe silk of the highest quality.

Silk is the queen of natural fibers. It is noble and valuable. Silk crowns your valuable handicrafts and gives the embroideries a noble and enchanting character and makes the shine lasting.

Silk is made up of 4 individual strands, which together have the same thread thickness as the six-strand Mouliné embroidery twine. Therefore, all the embroidery instructions for Mouliné can be used without problems with Silk as well.

5m (spiral package) 

Art. No. 018

100% pure silk

107 colors

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Brilliant four strand rayon embroidery thread. Made from 100% viscose. Perfect for cross stitch and all other hand embroidery techniques. Exceptional quality, silky shine, lustrous and color resistant.

The unique Madeira Spiral Pack keeps your yarn clean, new, and tangle-free until you use it. Just pull the thread you need from the bottom, the rest remains protected from dirt and dust in the package and can be sewn down to the last centimeter.

5m (spiral package) 

Art. No. 019

100% Viscose

90 colors

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