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       Continuous filament yarns     

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As a manufacturer of high-quality embroidery threads, MADEIRA is also engaged in the development of top-of-the-line bobbin threads in addition to the variety of superior threads.

MADEIRA knows the concerns and needs of the embroidery industry, regarding what a bobbin thread has to "be able to do", that is why this issue is taken seriously in all its facets.

MADEIRA bobbin threads are the guarantee for a perfect embroidery. All of them are just as valuable as MADEIRA's range of top yarns and are therefore consequently endowed with excellent running properties.

The goals for improvement are clearly defined: to put the maximum possible amount of thread on the bobbin, so that the performance of the machine is more and more effective.

We offer:

- Industrial cones

- Prewound bobbins

Hilo de filamento continuo


High quality MADEIRA thread. BURMILON 200 is an extremely fine bobbin thread, which results in minimal spool change during production.

7500m (Cone)

Art. No. 305

dtex 150    den 135

100% Polyester

Black & White

ISO 9001
instrucciones de lavado
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