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          ULTRASPUN GREEN      


Sew environmentally conscious with our recycled polyester sewing thread! Made from high-quality recycled materials, our thread offers excellent sewability and performance, with a focus on sustainability without sacrificing quality.

Our recycled polyester sewing thread is dyed with carefully selected, responsibly sourced dyes to ensure the best possible color fastness. In addition, its composition allows for optimal lubrication, making it ideal for high-speed sewing machines. From garment manufacturing to other creative projects, our recycled polyester sewing thread is the conscious choice for those looking for quality and sustainability.

As standard colors we offer black and white. All other colors are specially developed for each customer, based on the color sample provided by the customer.

Join us in our commitment to the environment and quality standards. Sew your projects with our recycled polyester sewing thread and make a difference!


Structured for all types of men's and women's clothing. It is used in sewing light clothing, flat fabrics and knitted garments such as: polo, jersey, lycra, etc. And all types of women's clothing, including blouse, dress, lingerie, button, buttonhole, swimsuit; as well as in duvets, bedspreads, chenilles, etc.

5000 YDS (Cone)

100% Recicled Spun Polyester 

6000 YDS (Cone)

100% Recicled Spun Polyester  

Retor S.A.

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