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Cajones muestrarios

We recommend the purchase of a sampler. Why? Here, five points, which will convince you.

1. If your embroidery production or planning is restricted to a limited number of colors for embroidery, you will always have all colors at hand for sampling of ideal color combinations!

2. The MADEIRA samples contain the regular forms of presentation; that is to say, a complete reel of 1,000m of each colour. This makes it possible to perform a test run quickly and flexibly, even with colors, for example, that are not in the storage itself!

3. Seeing color on a full spool allows for better color selection than the small display of a color chart!

4. Since each color can be seen separately, as well as in any combination with other freely chosen colors, it is also much easier to establish the closeness of tones with the fabric or with the garment to be embroidered!

5. This is new and decisive: On the cover of the practical drawer set, the complete range of colors from the sample book is arranged numerically. So that order can be maintained: The numbers of each color are now printed on the bottom of the drawers!


You see that even for a work tool used almost daily, improvements can take place down to the details. We offer samples of the following embroidery thread qualities: CLASSIC 40, POLYNEON 40 & FROSTED MATT 40.

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