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          Embroidery needles          


MADEIRA embroidery needles fit optimally with top and bobbin threads. All needles are available with a mild round point (R-SES), the assortment also includes needles with a normal point.

The minimum order quantity is 100 units. The needles are suitable for all brands of embroidery machines in common use, with the exception of Pfaff and KSM.

In addition to the type of point, to guarantee the quality of the final embroidery it is also essential to take into account the thickness of the needle. The size of the embroidery, the thread and the density of the material determine how thick the needle should be. The finer the fabric and the smaller and more complex the design to be embroidered, the finer the needle has to be.

regular rounded toe

Small ball rounded tip

Fine/Medium Ball Pointed Tip

Medium/Large Ball Pointed Tip

Guía de agujas

eg. for leather and coated fabrics

eg.for poplin or denim

eg.for loose and elastic fabrics containing elastane

e.g. for jackets or knit caps


The choice of needle system will depend on the embroidery machine you use. In this context, a distinction can be made between two main systems: flat-shank needles and round-shank needles.


If you are not sure which system is best for your embroidery machine, please contact your machine manufacturer. ​


Download the MADEIRA needle selection guide to see all available types and get advice on the best needle sizes and systems for the entire range of Madeira yarns.

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