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Remarkably smooth; yet shiny as metallic


What looks metallic does not have to be metallic to the touch.

X.tra brilliant is an embroidery thread from MADEIRA in 28 selected colors with a metallic look.

This opens up unsuspected design options for white clothing, lingerie and children's clothing.

The X.tra embroidery thread is a genuine High-Tech product and makes a decisive contribution to the quality of an embroidery.

X.TRA No.30

It is resistant to chlorine, meaning that it is highly suitable for embroidering on jeans and guarantees maximum comfort in direct contact with the skin, due to its surprising softness.

110 x 2500m (Cone)

Art. No. 927

dtex 130 x 2   

100% Polyester

28 colors 

Recommended needle:


80/#12 - 90/#14

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ISO 9001
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